“it has been said that next to hunger and thirsty, our most basic human need is for storytelling” says OJ as I quote him in so many meetings that I had with him so far, what so interesting is how he can turn his pain and hunger into something productive.

One day when we were simply talking at kigamboni and he directly said to me “When I am told that our films are painful, I think oh God, I know real pain, we soften our pictures so tremendously, we make them almost romantic fantasies, and just barely touch on these things in a more idealistic way than other people do” he probably don’t remember this but that is when I started wondering what is in this man’s head, the man who is not scared to be the only different one in the room as long as he know what he is doing is right.

That is, he can do all of this in the making of a creative solder, no lagging behind, stay strong believe in your self, be the best of the best, if possible out-best your self always, that is what we all learn from him. “Blood, Sweat and Tears”

“Video fasters mindsets that allows creativity to grow” O J Olan’g

Explained by Mwasham

Story of OJ Olan’g


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